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Our company was initially founded as EREN METAL in Kayseri in 1987 as a local company and, then in 2000 having been renamed as KMC Steel Service Center, has today become one of the leading companies in Turkey.

KMC provides service to all the regions of Turkey in all the port towns of Turkey being Gebze – Diliskelesi – İzmir – Eregli – Iskenderun and in a covered area of 50 000sqm over a total area of 100 000sqm in Kayseri as well as with its plants and facilities.

It is capable of responding to immediate demands of the customers with its Coil Processing Lines in Gebze – Izmir – Eregli as well as with its warehouses in Diliskelesi – Iskenderun.

KMC has a bonded Warehouse in Gebze Facilities in order to serve to Exporter Customers in Turkey and also for Export Markets.

KMC is the sole independent company which is capable of stocking up and processing all the CRC – HRC – HDG – Plate – PPGI Aluminized products in 4 different regions of Turkey.